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Don’t OBEY!


“Your world is an illusion. From the day you were born, you have been conditioned. Your schools taught you to be quiet, neutral and numb. Your media desensitized you to the suffering of your fellow human beings and the system slowly isolated you until it somehow felt normal to feel alone on a planet with 8 billion other people on it. You worked hard for the future with your reward always just around the next corner or just up the next step. Everything was tomorrow but tomorrow never came. And you realized too late that you had never lived at all. Something was missing and no matter how much you worked, partied or paid you could not disguise it. You accepted it as natural for one to be wealthy whilst another is poor, or the absurd notion that we must pay back the debt of our own existence. We traded community culture for corporate comfort and our most precious resource, our time, as a commodity. We need to move beyond revolution and into the next stage of human evolution. A time marked by unparalleled compassion and peaceful co-existence. The shape of which we can not foresee as it must be created together. We will take no power back as we shall empower ourselves and we shall say: We are the humans. We are awake now. We reclaim our destiny.” – Anonymous



Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black Sensory Deprivation Tank) Part 2

Sensory Deprivation Tank at Zen Blend
Sensory Deprivation Tank at Zen Blend

Equipped with water proof earplugs and hope of relieving my neck/back pain from head banging a few nights before, I pulled the heavy lid of the tank closed and positioned myself in the “womb temperature” water. With 800 pounds of Epsom salt in the water, the body remains buoyant independent of any support. No sound, no light, no concept of time or space- a complete disconnect. The darkness presents a space for thoughtful observation or surrender.

Shapes, geometric figures and galaxy like cloud clusters danced behind the lids of my eyes but soon came into view in the vast darkness. Hearing the sound of my eyes moving and blinking was fascinating in session one; but hearing and feeling my heart beat during part two was next level. Pure thought untethered by the body and heightened sense of introspection followed until silence consumed my being. A calm stillness overtakes the self when you let your thoughts go and forget you’re in your body. Drifting in and out of awareness, my mind went quiet a few times which made me wonder if I fell asleep. When time was up (1.5 hours), indicated by soft music; coming out of the deep meditative state was disorienting. Post float and on the drive home, I was relaxed, energized and completely present. No thoughts relating to this or that, past or future… Just in the moment. In the days following, I’ve noticed an improved mental focus, burst of creativity and strong inclination toward productivity.

Like an onion, the layers are peeling back one by one and i’m awakening to my true self . 2014 is a year of change, mindfulness and self-actualization. Like floating, mediation has helped expedite the process. The truth of the matter is that we’re the witnesses of our personal experience on Earth. Our thoughts are important in creating the life we desire and deserve, so is self-love… As is gratitude. Happiness is attainable and it is found in “the now.” Keep your frequency high and your belief in limitless possibility strong.

If you’re up for max relaxation or long for mental clarity, try Zen Blend – It’s worth every cent.